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KAMZ Automatic Alternative

Transmission Specalist


Why Would you Want to know About Me?

If you don't know me how can you trust me?


My name is Kelly, my wife Alana and two children Zachariah and Madyson. We have been happily married for 23 years. Married in Calgary and moved to Lethbridge 19 years ago. My son Zachariah is 18 and my daughter is 15. My bride Alana is a force for everything that we as a family stand for. The modest life we have chosen has allowed her to only need to do some part time cleaning and the rest of her time is spent looking after us and volunteering 70 hours of her time each month. We also have the privilege of looking after my mom Susanne.


I am 41 years and have been working with Transmissions as long as I've been married (23 years). This is what I've been trained to do. I have over the years worked in 3 shops, the first for 4 years, second for a year and the last 10 years. In this time I've have to make some serious decisions. Why? Some, that I worked for were did not share my standards of ethics as I found out near the end. Others were fine to work for but it was apparent that money was more important that people. Although I did enjoy certain aspects of each shop I worked for. It was evident that, for me to run a shop ethically, morally and with integrity; I had to start my own. There for KAMZ Automatic Alternative.


I'm a red seal Journeyman Technician.

I,m a member of AMVIC.

I'm an Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau

The shop is Fully Insured.

I also own a dealer plate and can pick up your vehicle upon request.

All work is fully warranted.